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SM Global is committed to world class distribution and transportation support and any needed logistics or other services to assist our customer.

Our warehouses include pick-pack-and-ship operations and an operational network that is ideal for receiving goods from Asian sources and moving product to customer locations. SM Global's pack-out lines can be customized to fulfill customer packaging requirements. We can source and store goods in bulk, reducing costs and having product available when needed by customers.

SM Global warehouses and operations are located at Asian hubs for major land and sea traffic lanes, ideally positioned to support customer locations and stores to support the leading economies in Asia. SM Global facilities are also in economic zones offering cargo incentives, reducing inbound freight costs. We are set up for excellent distribution and transportation support to the major economic centers within Asia, enabling responsive and cost-effective delivery.

In North America, our U.S. distribution is near the port of Los Angeles, well situated for product coming out of North America. SM Global is ready to support your global product distribution needs!