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Consumer handling, package tampering, and consumer returns at retail are inevitable, regardless of how well-designed the product and its package might be. Oftentimes the product itself is in great condition, but the tampered-with package can make the product unsellable, costing the retailer and manufacturer dearly. SM Global offers cost-effective, productive product re-packaging services to restore tampered-with products to original selling condition, realizing sales and margins for products which otherwise would be written down or written off altogether.

We can effectively re-package sellable consumer returns, goods whose packages were tampered with in-store, and out-of-season items. This service helps customers keep good, saleable product on the shelves at all times, avoiding out-of-stocks and increasing sales potential. Such services also enable retailers to be more supportive of product returns, improving customer goodwill and store loyalty.

SM Global can collect returns and tampered-with goods, efficiently re-package the item using the appropriate package design, warehouse and ship back to the retailer’s store for sales when needed. Our broad packaging services capabilities enable us to offer this valuable service across a wide range of packaging formats.