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Point Of Purchase Displays And Corrugated Shelf Packs

SM Global’s retail expertise and years of related experience have given us tremendous P-O-P knowhow. We understand how a great point-of-purchase display can harmonize with an effective package to present your product impactfully and drive sales. Our related package design knowhow enables us to create displays that work in the retail environment, as well as protecting the product cost effectively as it move through distribution.

We can provide high impact, innovative and effective P-O-P displays, or we can suggest refinements to existing displays to improve impact, cost or product presentation. SM Global can design and provide displays and shelf packs to hold product and fit into existing retail racks, or standalone displays for larger products or seasonal promotions.

Popular treatments include corrugated P-O-P displays and shelf packs that contain multiple retail SKUs, but we can also provide thermoformed internal trays depending upon the products’ needs.

We can custom design and fit your display needs with our printing capabilities to present your product for maximum appeal to the retail shopper.