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SM Global’s packaging operations and capabilities support all popular retail package formats, whether clamshell or clampack, blister pack or blister card, thermoformed, RF or heat-sealed, shrinkwrapped, or paperboard box. We can handle any related printing needs, pack the related point-of-purchase display, and can also assist in related package design and tooling.

SM Global uses our buying power and extensive supplier network to purchase packaging materials in volume to reduce costs, benefitting our customers and suppliers at the same time.

We know plastic and packaging in all of its popular formats, with equipment and packaging operations that are efficient, accurate, cost effective and quality-oriented. SM Global offers environmentally friendly PET films for clamshell, blister pack and thermoformed packages. We monitor the quality of materials used all the way through the packaging processes we use to produce highest quality packages and the best related results for your product.

Our operations can not only handle your everyday product packaging needs, but also product inserts, co-packs and bundles, and all sorts of promotional programs that can help build your business and strengthen your brand. We can shrinkwrap just about anything needed added security and protection from tampering and can recommend other tamper-reducing packaging treatments to keep your product saleable on the shelf.

SM Global offers the following packaging types, among others:
  • Clamshell
  • Blister Pack
  • Thermoformed
  • RF and Heat-Sealed
  • Paperboard Box