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Package Design

The right package design not only contains and protects the product, but also displays it to best influence the consumer in-store and moves the product through the supply chain at the lowest cost possible. SM Global has been in the business of designing and improving packages for years, serving the needs of leading global retailers.

Our expertise in products, retail operations and international markets enables us to recommend and offer the best package design for your product, whether the best choice is a clamshell or clampack, blister pack or blister card, thermoformed, RF or heat-sealed, shrinkwrapped, or paperboard box.

We can prototype the package to fit your product’s needs and will make sure that the package fits with pallet, distribution and in-store point-of-purchase display needs. We will test the packaged product to ensure that it stands up to drop tests and handling at all the points in the distribution network, as well as the needs of Customs where appropriate.

SM Global’s years of retailing experience equip us to coordinate the product package with the point-of-purchase display in use at retail, whether we design the point-of-purchase display as well or design for compatibility with an existing display. We are experienced in design and coordination with corrugated displays, thermoformed product trays and other popular retail display formats.