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Artwork Design

SM Global can provide whatever graphic design services are needed, including layout, total design, digital artwork, mockups and prototypes, and color separations. We can handle your artwork design from beginning to end, or any of the steps in between. We will ensure that any graphic and barcode standards are met and that the artwork lends itself to consistent, continuous, high-quality printing.

We will rapidly prototype your product to help you determine the best graphic treatment and help you optimize the package for best impact on the store shelf, strengthening your brand and sales.

We have access to stock photography files and images to meet package presentation needs. SM Global can coordinate and manage graphic designs for package and point-of-purchase and display box printing and coordination.

Our range of value-added services include creating and managing:
  • Illustrations and Drawings
  • Layouts and Graphic Arts
  • Photo Imaging
  • 3D Lettering and Special Effects
  • Logos and Trademarks