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About SM Global

SM Global, LLC is a California Limited Liability Company established in 2005. We were established with the vision of providing quality goods and cost effective, on-time delivery to customers.

Our founder and president, Mr. Sung Woo Min, has worked with U.S. and global manufacturing, distribution and retailing partners for 20 years in designing, sourcing, packaging and distributing products both in Asia and North America. SM Global has proudly and effectively sourced and distributed shoes, apparel, sporting goods and a host of other consumer products throughout its extended history.

SM Global combines deep internal expertise, processes and systems with a world class partner network, all aimed at reducing costs and time of moving products through the supply chain to point-of-purchase. Our network and operations enable products to be packaged, warehoused and delivered with minimal handling and related opportunities for errors or product damage, building end user goodwill and strengthening our customers’ brands and business.

SM Global’s unique capabilities and operations benefit not only our customers but the supplier network as well, allowing partners to focus on their core competencies and business models without distractions.

We are your one-stop source, with expertise in Full Service Global Sourcing, Packaging and Distribution.